Marion Besenbruch

Fashion & Textile Designer
White/ Black
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Edition, Textile Matters &
Photographer :
Alexis Zacchi / We are Maniacs

Photographer : Fabio Piemonte
Model : Ingrid Behague
Hair : Jade Berrocal
MUA : Rizléne Steininger
Scénographie : Allegra Schiavone

Film & Concept & Turn around.
Federico Pelat and Alexis Zacchi
We are Maniacs

Photographer : Paty Tanielyan
Model : Chloé Basé
Hair & MUA : Jade Berrocal
Scénographie : Allegra Schiavone

Photographer : Valentin Glemarec
MUA : Atelier International de Maquillage
Hair : Titi R & his team for the salons Raphael Perrier

I am Marion Besenbruch,
a french Fashion & Textile Designer.

IDEAL WORLD from We are Maniacs on Vimeo.

Table of contents

by Alexis Zacchi / We are Maniacs
The table of contents is taken here in its primary meaning. Each textile is worked in order to bring out its personality and extricate its own aura. It’s a play around the senses, vision always solicited by the games of brilliances, transparencies and threads as well as touch from coarse to vaporous.

by Fabio Piemonte
An abandoned house. No window and no door. Walls made of clouds, soft as cotton, cold as snow. Walls of mould. A construction moans. Cracks ooze. A long corridor, infinite ceiling, ripped clothing. A timid sun, a creaking parquet, a moaning. Iridescent beetles buzz. Flowers wilt, ground gets coloured. A whisper. Alice is waking up. Nightmare restarts, the Ideal starts.

by Alexis Zacchi / We are Maniacs
Inspired by microscopes, this series puts the piece of clothing between a single lightsource and the observer. Each and every details are presented to us in a way that usually only touching provides. The light reveals details, transparency and finesse of fabrics. It becomes the cloth. Each piece of cloth is as pure as it can be, worn by light, pierced by it, naked and alive.

by Paty Tanielyan

Photographer : Valentin Glemarec
Presented at the Cirque d'Hiver in may 2015. All the models wear custom made red wigs and walk at the same time, altogether, in the middle of the arena.

Photographer : Léo d'Oriano


by Federico Pelat / We are Maniacs
In a huge concrete and mirrors architecture, the Marions are the main protagonist. In an Ideal World, where everyone is forced on to wear what is not supposed to be worn, such as ashes, algaes, or mould, Marion is in everyone. Experimenting on her own body, or even on others, she will continue her journey through experimental textiles and delicate designs.
Turn Around

by Federico Pelat / We are Maniacs
Experiments continues through textile and its appearance in a three dimentionnal and digital environment.

by Alexis Zacchi / We are Maniacs
A monumental polished copper plate opens the book : 45 meters of soft white paper printed with high quality ink on one single sheet of Cyclus 80g.

A black case, printed with the many faces of Marion, encloses the accordion book.

2016 - now — working at Barrie, Métiers d'Art Chanel, knitwear as designer assistant and collection developement coordinator.
2015 - 2016 — 4 months intership at Maille Création Factory as a collection coordinator assistant.
2015 - 2016 — 5 months intership at Sandrine Phillipe as a styliste and textile designer assistant.
2015 - oct — Presentation of the collection Ideal World at the Vietnam International Fashion Week
2015 — Dresser for the Maison Margiella's show.
2013 — three month internship as stylist assistant at Antoine & Lilly
2012 — Dresser for the Givenchy and Nina Ricci's showroom.
2009 — Internship at Maison Lesage

2014 - 2015 — 4th year knitwear/Mesh design at L'Atelier Chardon-Savard.
2011 - 2014 — Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.
2011 — French Baccalaureate in Literature Visual Arts specialty and option.